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  5 reasons to get into manufacturing job in 2021 In the West Midlands, manufacturing employs 323,000 people and contributes £17.5bn to the UK economy.  That should be one of the biggest reasons to get into the sector, but if you are tying with the idea and need a little push, we think we can help. Manufacturing is a solid career choice, but before you hit the job search resources, here are a few reasons why this is definitely the industry for you. 1. Manufacturing is exciting One of the best things about manufacturing is that it covers such a wide range of industries and skills. What’s more, manufacturing is responsible for some of the most exciting technological developments we get to use in our personal and working lives. Imagine being involved in that process! There are some fascinating industries to explore when it comes to manufacturing, from food technology to pharmaceuticals, aerospace and machinery. Just think of the stories you’ll have for your mates. 2. Manufacturing is incr